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✦ Karan Chawla

I'm a roboticist, software engineer, climber, and creator working and living in foggy San Francisco. I thrive in small interdisciplinary teams working on moonshot ideas. I'm most thrilled when I get to play a part in creating successful and profoundly beautiful products that employ technology with seemingly unlimited potential.

I have worked on some of the world's most ambitious engineering projects and gained experience in expertise in building early-stage teams, deep-tech startups, and technology to make sci-fi a sci-fact. Currently, I'm an Autonomy Software Engineer working on building the future of middle-mile drone deliveries at Elroy Air ↗.

I also advise and coach hard-tech (aerospace, robotics, climate, etc.) startups on engineering, team building, and fundraising. If you're an ambitious founder building for a better future for all and you think I'll be able to add value to your startup, let's connect!


If you're ever in San Francisco, let's grab a coffee :) I can be reached at my Twitter or hello@karanchawla.com